Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Steubenville East 2005: Experience The Glory!

Each year we take teenagers to the Steubenville East Youth Conference. It provides our young people with an opportunity to experience Jesus Christ in a personal way while among their peers. For many, this weekend is a life-changing event. Here is this year's stellar group from St. Pius X! (Click on this and the other images to enlarge.)

Does anyone know who these two chaperones are?

I teased them a lot, but I believe we had the finest chaperones at this year's conference. (And yes, that includes the deacon!)

On Saturday night Jesus moves powerfully in the lives of these teens. It happens during the empowerment prayer service, when our Eucharistic Lord is brought into the tent, carried in a monstrance. Just before the Saturday evening session began this year, a thunderstorm occurred. When it was over, a double-rainbow appeared in the sky. As the rainbow was a sign of God's covenant with Noah (see Genesis 9), so this rainbow was a sign of God's special presence with us that night.

The men were as one body on Saturday, leading the group in prayer and praise.

The women were no less enthusiastic!

Remember, friends are friends FOREVER, if the Lord's the lord of them!

They were playing 'The Happy Song' inside the tent, and some of our young people couldn't contain themselves!

As these pictures indicate, praising God and expressing your Catholic faith can be exciting!
But who is that guy with the light sabre in his left hand?